3D Gait assessment

and monitoring

REMO simply and accurately measures
all movement in a single view.

  • Markerless 3D motion capture

    3D avatar-based body shape recognition technology enables analysis of 51 major human joint keypoints without the need for full-body markers.

  • AI motion based medical device

    Medical grade gait analysis equipment, using AI motion recognition technology. (KFDA: 23-829, EZ774)

  • 224 types of body measurement data

    Provide essential information including major human articulation points, outer human body points, and body dimensions.

    Data-based personalized medical services and sports science services can be provided.

AI Gait Assessment

REMOBody-S is a software as medical device (SaMD),
markerless AI gait analysis software that utilizes simple
walking videos to analyze an individual's movements in 3D
and allows for the assessment of gait parameters.

REMOBody-S plus is a research software, including automatic gait analysis
function, ROM analysis function, joint motion raw data extract from video data.

Gait Assessment

  • Walking Speed Measurement
  • Measurement of Left-Right Balance
  • Joint Angle Measurement
  • Gait Parameter Measurement

Product information

  • Size - 600mm x 600mm x 1200mm
  • Components - Laptop, Cam, SW
  • Weight- 25kg


  • "Utilizing RemoBodyS allowed us to accurately measure the differences before and after surgery. A key advantage of RemoBodyS is its markerless system, enabling fast and straightforward measurements. This product, with its distinctive technological capabilities, precisely analyzes the walking patterns of patients before and after surgery. The rapid data acquisition provides crucial information for postoperative analysis. RemoBodyS has proven to be effective in both academic research and clinical applications, showcasing its innovative markerless technology and user-friendly design."

  • "At the AI Expo, the showcased RemoBodyS received highly positive responses from attendees, offering innovative gait analysis services. With its user-friendly design and high accuracy, participants found it easy to utilize, emphasizing our technological prowess and service quality. RemoBodyS successfully led to positive interactions with attendees during the exhibition, playing a crucial role in our product lineup."

  • "RemoBodyS, an innovative health monitoring product introduced by the Facility Management Agency, has shown highly positive effects on residents' health. Through this product, residents can monitor their individual health status in real-time with user-friendly features and precise sensor technology. Additionally, the easy-to- understand result reports from RemoBodyS empower users to adopt a healthier lifestyle effortlessly. The Facility Management Agency is actively managing residents' health and contributing to the formation of healthy living habits through this product. RemoBodyS aligns with the contemporary emphasis on health in society, providing benefits to residents by supporting a health-conscious lifestyle."


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