Healthcare API

AI-based Object Detection API to offer a more convenient and
accurate service.

  • Body & Posture analysis API
    Providing information on body imbalances such as postural asymmetry, turtle neck, rounded houlders, bowlegs, and knock knees based on frontal and lateral photographs of the human body. The Finefit product incorporates functionalities to address these issues, making it suitable for use in fitness centers, personal training shops, Pilates studios, and screen golf practice facilities.
    Body shape analysisFrontal aspectSkeletal imbalance
  • Body dimensional analysis API
    Generating a 3D avatar model from frontal and side-view photographs of the human body and providing information on waist, hip, and thigh circumference indices. The accuracy of repetitive measurements is within 5%. Height (cm) is a mandatory input, and custom API options are available.
    Module dimension analysisModule value analysis3D avatar analysis
  • Walking analysis API
    3D skeletal analysis from full-body videos of walking and running. Requires videos of at least 3 steps and a minimum distance of 4 meters. Analysis is possible for both regular walking and treadmill activities. Provides information on 52 major joint points, including key joint angles, angular velocity, and angular acceleration. Delivers walking parameters as well.
    Detection analysisRemoval analysisDefect analysis API
  • Physical function evaluation - Overhead Squat
    To evaluate whole body function, if you perform an overhead squat in front of the camera, the knee and ankle angles at the lowest position and the left and right alignment of the whole body are automatically analyzed and provided. Provides position values of time series joint points
    Exercise movement evaluationSmall functional evaluationMosaic head squatAutomatic motion analysis
  • Physical function evaluation - Evaluation of landing motion
    Analyzes the movement of jumping from a box to the ground in a frontal camera video. Provides analysis values for knee alignment, ankle rotation upon landing, and the inclination of the upper and lower body at the moment of landing. Offers positional values of time-series joint points.
  • Golf Analysis API
    3D skeleton analysis in golf videos, joint angle, alignment, and speed analysis information for each swing stage from address to finish, background removal technology, single person recognition, and high-speed video analysis possible
    GolfPose analysisSwing analysisIndoor golf video analysis
  • Etc API
    Face recognition API
    Heart rate prediction API
    Skin condition prediction API
    Blood pressure prediction API